Sleeping with the window open is usually such a treat, but sometimes this “treat” subjects me to tiny mosquito bites, sirens, and what is probably the sound of my car being stolen…again. I believe tonight’s insomnia probably has something to do with those soft sugar cookies from Ralph’s (you know, those adorable pink cartoon crack cookies of death) that Casey and I like to binge on after her stand up shows. I only had 3 this time. Anyway, now I’m up lathering tea tree oil all over my arms cause I’m the only person in this house with sweet sweet blood who gets bit by the invisible mosquitos and non-existent fleas. Maybe the real reason I can’t sleep has to do with something Sally said while I was painting her nails today. While applying her fast drying top coat, she looked up to me and said “it’s sad when something you loved is finished” UMMM thanks for the shot to my heart little sis, I’m not at the strongest place to be dealing with this deep 9 year old wisdom. I mean she was talkin about the bag of hot Cheetos she just finished, but doesn’t she know I’m going through heart break here !?!? That’s Sally for you. Bleh, the suns about to wise and I have Pilates in the morning (boohoo I know) This has been chill. Bye.